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Calendar and opening times

  • When is the park open ?

    Fraispertuis-City is a seasonal park open from April to September. To find out the exact opening days, please check our online calendar.

  • What are the park opening hours ?

    The park opens at 10 am and closes depending on the season, the weather and the number of visitors. A closing time is given on our calendar for information purposes. This time may be extended, depending on the number of visitors. Should it be the case, it will be announced on signs next to the exit gates and next to Billy’s Show stage.

    Closure of access to the park 1 hour before the indicated time.

Prices & Tickets

  • How much do tickets cost ?

    Entrance to the park is free for people less than 1m tall (3ft 3) (measured with shoes). Then we apply an entrance fee between 1m (3ft 3) and 1.4m (4ft 7) and another fee over 1.4m (4ft 7) (measured with shoes). People over 60 years old pay a discounted fee (upon presentation of supporting documentation).

    For the exact fees, please visit our Ticketing page.

  • What payment methods are accepted at the park ?

    Various payment methods are accepted at Fraispertuis-City ; cash in euros, cheques (upon presentation of ID), Visa, Eurocard and Mastercards and ANCV holyday vouchers. Restaurant tickets, culture vouchers… cannot be accepted.

    Contactless payment remains to be preferred.

  • Can we pay with holiday vouchers ?

    Yes, physical ANCV holiday vouchers are accepted in all restaurants and snack bars. Change cannot be given on holiday vouchers, but they can be supplemented by another means of payment.

    However, we are not equipped with card readers for dematerialized holiday vouchers (holiday e-vouchers). You will therefore not be able to use them inside the park, but it is possible to obtain your entrance tickets from a partner site such as Ticketmaster.

  • Do we have to buy tickets in advance ?

    It’s possible to buy tickets on site, but we advise you to use the online ticket office which allows you to benefit from a reduced price and avoids you having to wait on your arrival.

  • Is it compulsory to print tickets purchased online ?

    No, you do not necessarily have to print them. They can be presented to our welcome staff in digital format directly on your smartphone.

  • Are “CAF” vouchers accepted ?

    Fraispertuis-City is not an association, we are not authorized to accept “CAF” vouchers.

  • Are “Restaurant Tickets” accepted ?

    As the Fraispertuis-City park is not open all year round, we are not authorized to accept “Restaurant Tickets”.

  • Do you offer special discounts for students, military, large families ?

    We do not offer special rates for students, military and large families. By purchasing tickets online, you can take advantage of a preferential price, but we also recommend that you check with your works council or official resellers (partner supermarkets, “TicketMaster” or “France Billets”), who may have special offers.

  • Is there a special rate for pregnant women?

    Yes, pregnant women can benefit from a preferential rate on presentation of a nominative medical document. These tickets can only be purchased on site since they can only be issued upon presentation of the supporting document.

    Find all the details on the Ticketing page.

  • Do you offer group discounts ?

    We offer discounts for groups starting from 20 people or for small groups of handicapped people (IME/FAM/IMPROD/…). Please visit our Groups page to find out more information and get a quote.

  • My tickets have expired, are they lost forever ?

    All the tickets purchased can be extended for an additional €2 per ticket and per late season. In any case, invitations/free tickets cannot be extended to the next season. So please check our online calendar for opening days. Example: I bought tickets that were valid until 30 September 2023 (season 2022) and I was not able to use them. I may extend their validity for season 2024 for an additional €2 per ticket at a park till.

    We would also like to warn you about tickets purchased from third parties. As stipulated on the back of the tickets, tickets cannot be exchanged or resold, and anyone breaking these rules (buyer as well as reseller) may be prosecuted. Under no circumstances shall Fraispertuis-City be liable for tickets purchased from a third party (whether they’ve been used or not).


  • Do I have to pay for parking ?

    Fraispertuis-City has several car parks. They are free and are not supervised. Do not leave valuables in plain sight, or animals in vehicles. The park declines all responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the vehicles.

    For people with disabilities, marked parking spaces are located near the park entrances. They are only authorized for people with a disabled parking badge who must leave this card behind the windshield in a legible manner.

  • Is it possible to charge electric vehicles ?

    Fraispertuis-City has 6 charging stations located in the visitor’s parking lot at the foot of Timber Drop.

    The charge is €15 for the day on our 22KW Type 2 charging sockets. Due to the limited number of terminals, we ask you to buy your charge on our website and print it for the parking attendant in charge of activating it.

  • Are there disabled parking spaces ?

    There are disabled spaces near each Park entrance. To benefit from them, you just place your blue disabled parking badge visibly behind the front windscreen.

Visit of the park

  • Can visitors leave and come back to the park ?

    Yes, you may leave the park at any time. Please to let our welcome staff know and they will give you a dated wrist band. This operation may take some time, so please limit the number of people and trips back and forth.

    Please note that all departures are final one hour before the official closing time.

  • Is the park suitable for small children ?

    Though few attractions are recommended for babies in general, you may however go together with your child on a few rides such as the Bullys, the Express Train, the Panoramic Wheel, the Rio Grande and the Chevauchée. Access to rides is function of children height. For everyone’s safety, please comply with the basic rules.

    Buggies can be rented at park gates. The fee is €7 a day. You will be asked to leave your ID card as a deposit.

    All of our restrooms are equipped with baby changing areas. Toilets adapted for young children can be found near the Lucky Burger restaurant. All of our restaurants are equipped with microwaves to heat up bottles or baby food. Baby chairs are also available in the four park restaurants as long as some are left.

  • What is “Baby Switching”?

    It is intended for parents with children that are not tall enough to go on a ride. The parents can each do the ride one after the other without having to queue again for the same ride. Please ask ride operators.

  • Is smoking allowed in the park ?

    The park pathways are smoke-free for comfort of all since 2020. Smokers are now asked to use the nine smoking areas located away from the rides, queues and terraces. This rule also applies to electronic cigarettes.

  • Are dogs allowed in the Park grounds ?

    Yes, however it is strictly forbidden to introduce 1st category dogs (attack dogs) into the park. Category 2 dogs (guard and defense dogs) must be muzzled and always kept on a leash. For the other dogs the enclosure of the park is authorized to them. However, they must be kept on a leash and not be a nuisance to other visitors. We would like to remind you that access to attractions is strictly prohibited for them.

    Owners are requested to pick up their dogs’ excrement using the « clinette » clean up bags at your disposal at the park entrances.  A doggie bar is available on the Saloon terrace opposite the Candy Corner.

    We also ask you not to leave your dog in your vehicle, even with the windows open.

  • What happens if my child gets lost ?

    Lost children are immediately taken care of and led to the park gates.

    Tip for parents: remember to leave your phone number with your child in order to avoid any worries. “Lost child” wrist bands are available free of charge at the park gates. Please write your telephone number on them. Feel free to ask the welcome staff. As soon as a lost child is found, he or she is taken care of by our staff. Children are never left alone, and the Fraispertuis-City team will take care of them until you are reunited.

Access to attractions

  • How can I know which attractions my child will have access to ?

    Access to our attractions is related to height limits, which are imposed by the manufacturers and validated by independent control bodies. As each attraction is different, and in order to help you prepare your visit, we suggest you use our interactive plan. Thanks to the map, it is quick to filter on suitable rides matching your child’s height.

    A measuring board and of the information regarding access restrictions are displayed on sign posts next to each attraction entrance. If there are any doubts, operators are also equipped with measuring rods to check children’s height before getting on the ride.

  • Can very tall, very muscular or obese people access all the attractions ?

    Each attraction is different and uses its own safety systems. Besides the access heights set by manufacturers and validated by independent control bodies, the design of some of the seats and the various safety devices such as harnesses, belts, safety bars may prevent big visitors to ride on some of the attractions.

    Our operators will apply safety rules and will refuse access to an attraction if they are not able to sufficiently close a harness or safety bar. Should you have doubt whether you can go on a ride or not, please feel free to ask our staff before entering the queue.

  • Is the park accessible to people in wheelchairs ?

    In order to prepare your visit, we invite you to visit our page for persons with reduced mobility.


  • Is it allowed to picnic in the park ?

    At Fraispertuis-City, you can bring your own food to picnic. A large, shady, equipped and partially covered area is available for visitors.

    The other terraces are only for restaurant and snack bar clients. You can leave lunch boxes in a locker (which must be paid for) or fetch it from your car at any time. The “Cale des pirates” snack shack is nearby should you want to finish your picnic with cool drinks, chips or ice creams.

  • Can we pay with Restaurant tickets ?

    Restaurant tickets are not accepted at Fraispertuis-City.

  • How can I find the list of allergens in the restaurants ?

    The description of the menus and product information sheets for foods that could contain one of 14 allergens are at your disposal in each restaurant as per Article 44 of European Code 1169/2011. We inform visitors with allergies that peanut oil is not used in the park.

  • Are there vegetarian meals ?

    All restaurants have a specific theme, a menu of their own and at least one vegetarian meal.

  • Are there halal meals ?

    We offer a halal kebab sandwich at the sandwich bar and a halal kebab pizza at Arizona Pizza.


  • Can I find lockers ?

    Lockers are available for you to leave your personal effects (coolers, bags, helmets etc…) Locker fee: €2 per opening.

  • Can I take out cash in the Park ?

    Yes, an ATM is at your disposal near Arizona Pizza.

  • Is there a first aid station in the park ?

    A first aid station is accessible at all times in the park. Please note that we are not authorised to administer medicines or give medical advice.

    Automatic defibrillators are available at the “Ronde des rondins” train station (opposite of the “Timber Drop“) and at the first aid station.

  • Can I charge my mobile phone ?

    Yes, a free and secure charging station is available in front of the Tourist Information office.

  • Is it possible to rent a buggy or a wheelchair ?

    Yes. Buggies and wheelchairs can be rented as long as some are left. The fee is €7 a day. (Deposit: an ID card). Please note that buggies cannot be put in the lying position.

  • Can we rent a PMR scooter ?

    Yes, Fraispertuis-City offers electric scooters for persons with reduced mobility or the elderly for rent (as long as stocks are available) for the amount of € 20 per day. (Deposit: an ID card).

  • What should I do if I lose an object ?

    If you happen to lose an item during your day at the park, don’t hesitate to inform our teams immediately.

    Please make a statement and give us as much information as possible about the item and the area or attraction where you think you lost it. We will contact you if the object is found.

Special requests

  • Is it possible to organise a hen/stag party at Fraispertuis-City ?

    Yes, it is possible to celebrate your hen or stag party. We make this special day even better by offering you a group rate. Please be informed that costumes are tolerated but, for a smooth event, guests must respect other visitors and children. Sales or soliciting is forbidden among visitors. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately removed from the park.

  • Is it possible to organise a birthday party at Fraispertuis-City ?

    We do not currently have a special birthday offering, but for those who would like to celebrate a birthday by bringing their own cake, we will keep them cool until mealtime.

  • Does the park have any accommodation options ?

    Fraispertuis-City do not operate hotels however we recommend visiting our Accommodation page, which lists several options around the park.

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