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Disability situation

Practical informations to enjoy your visit

Do you plan on coming to Fraispertuis City ? To help you prepare your visit, we advise you to read this page, which summarises all the information specific to the visit of handicapped and/or reduced mobility persons.

  • Parking

    Parkings at Fraispertuis City are free. Suitable and reserved spaces are available in car parks 1 and 2 (the nearest to the two park entrances). These spaces are available to holders of a handicapped parking sticker. All you need to do is leave it behind the wind shield in a visible manner.

  • Entry tickets

    A special ticket fee is applied at park tills upon presentation of an invalidity card (from 80% invalidity).

    Park access is free to people in wheelchairs and blind people. The traditional entry prices are applicable for accompanying persons.

    After having purchased your ticket, you will receive a fast reference booklet as well as a wrist band for you and your personal attendants. These will help during your visit and give you access to some of the rides. This wrist band is non-transferable and valid only on the day on which it is delivered. It must be presented to our staff in order to facilitate your visit. Under no circumstances will a removed wrist band be replaced.

  • Personal attendants/accompanying persons

    Only immediate family members will be authorised as personal attendants (parents and minor children). Please note that people with disabilities over the age of 15 will only be able to benefit from a single accompanying person (except in special cases at the discretion of the cash desk manager).

    Only disabled people and their personal attendants wearing a “personal attendant” wrist band may use alternative access routes. The rest of the group must wait in the regular queues.

    If the handicapped person does not want to ride an attraction, personal attendants are no longer needed and therefore must wait in regular queues.

    Persons with reduced mobility, with a visual, psychological or mental deficiency, autism or persons with behavioural disorders must be accompanied by at least one qualified personal attendant. The personal attendant agrees to fully perform his or her duties during the visit at Fraispertuis City. He or she must be able to appease and physically assist the handicapped person.

  • Visitors in wheelchairs

    Visitors with disabilities will usually access the ride through the exit or a specific access route.

    Please note that most of our attractions require a transfer to the ride vessel. Make sure that you are accompanied by at least one person capable of helping you physically. Our staff, despite their best intentions, are not trained or authorised to physically assist visitors. The following attractions are available without transfer: “Billy’s Show, Capitaine Fraisp, Ciné Desperados, Express 1966 and Geyser City”.

  • Wheelchair rentals

    Wheelchairs can be rented as long as some are left. The fee is €7.00 a day. You will be asked to leave an ID card as a deposit.

  • PMR scooter rentals

    We offer electric scooters for persons with reduced mobility or the elderly for rent as long as some are available. We charge €20 per day. You will be asked to leave an ID card as a deposit.

  • Toilettes and first aid

    Most of our toilettes are equipped with spaces adapted for persons with reduced mobility.

    A first aid station is accessible at all times in the park. Please note that we are not authorised to administer medicines or give medical advice.

  • Access to the rides

    We would like to make a maximum of attractions available to persons with reduced mobility. For safety reasons, this is unfortunately not possible for all the attractions. They are subject to safety instructions imposed by the ride manufacturers and our independent control body (TÜV). By entering the park, each visitor agrees to comply with them by following the park rules and regulations and by complying with the access restrictions for each attraction.

    Special access to the attractions has been reserved for you. For safety reasons, especially in case of a possible evacuation, most attractions require good functional independence. All visitors must be capable of sitting safely and stand during the entire ride. That is also why some attractions can only accept a limited number of people with reduced mobility at one time.

    Fast reference booklets will be distributed at the gates to help you find out more information – ride by ride – depending on your morphology.

More informations

The “register for disabled access right to attractions”, in French “registre public d’accessibilité aux attractions” which is intended for persons with reduced mobility and the fast reference booklet summarising the main information on this page are available upon request at the park gates. Should you have questions, please feel free to ask the staff at the gates or contact us by e-mail to prepare your visit.

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