Parc d'attractions dans les Vosges

Park regulations

General provisions

Access to the park by a visitor as an individual or in a group implies the unconditional acceptance and compliance with the park rules and regulations. Non-compliance with these regulations may result in exclusion from the park without compensation.

The regulations are based on courtesy, safety, civility and respect for others and the environment.


  • The car parks are free and not monitored. The management declines liability in case of theft or damage. Park your vehicle in the parking lot spaces. The highway code rules apply on the car park too. Please check that your doors, windows and boot are properly locked and do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Leaving children and animals in vehicles is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, local authorities will be informed in order to free them. Vehicle owners park their car at their own risks.
  • Camping, organising a barbecue and picnicing on the park grounds and in the car parks is forbidden.

Access to the park

  • Access to the park only takes place through the gates and is only authorised upon submission of a valid ticket (always keep your ticket with you as you may need to show it at any time).
  • As stipulated on the back of the tickets, tickets cannot be exchanged or resold, and anyone breaking these rules (buyer as well as reseller) may be prosecuted. Under no circumstances shall Fraispertuis City be liable for tickets purchased from a third party (whether they’ve been used or not).
  • Children under 18 years of age are under the full responsibility of their parents or instructors. Children under 12 years of age must be looked after by an adult.
  • Children in groups are under the responsibility of their instructors. Instructors must comply with current legislation (adult/child quota, diplomas and skills) and monitor children activities at all times.
  • Access to the park is prohibited to people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Category 1 dogs must not be brought into the park. Category 2 dogs must have a muzzle and be kept on leash. Dog excrement must be picked up. They will not have access to the attractions.
  • If the park is full, the management may have to refuse access to the park to new visitors without compensation whatsoever.

Proper behaviour in the park

  • For everyone’s comfort, smoking and vaping is forbidden in the park. Please use the smoking areas set up in the park, located away from the attractions, queues and terraces.
  • Do not damage equipment or walk on the grass.
  • Do not behave violently (either physically or verbally). Stealing is forbidden.
  • Bathing in park waters and lakes is prohibited.
  • Selling, distributing, begging for money is forbidden.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, drones, etc. are not authorised in the park. The volume of music players must not disturb other visitors.
  • The management declines any liability in case of theft or damage to the property of visitors (including objects entrusted to our staff).
  • Theft, public disturbances, verbal or physical violence, insults, fraud, scams, drunkenness, affronts to public decency, maliciousness, non-compliance with the safety requirements and park rules and regulations, racism, etc. will cause Fraispertuis City to intervene and take the necessary measures, either by informing the police, taking legal action or removing the visitor from the park without any compensation, reimbursement or other means of appeal.
  • Please respect the cleanliness of the premises and the facilities set up for your pleasure and comfort. Picnics are only allowed in the theme park picnic area. For hygiene and safety reasons, barbecuing is prohibited at Fraispertuis City.
  • Visitors are asked to wear proper clothes throughout their stay at the theme park. They may not walk barefoot, bare-chested and in general cause an affront to decency with their clothing or behaviour. Furthermore, visitors agree to not disturb the peace of other visitors by having hostile, excessive or ostentatious behaviour.

Queues and access to rides

  • Comply with the safety instructions imposed by the TÜV control body displayed on the sign posts next to each ride.
  • Do not smoke, vape, eat or drink on the rides or in the queues.
  • Wait until the rides come to a complete stop before getting off, and if necessary ask the operator for help.
  • Always queue between two rides.
  • Do not cut the queue (even to join other people).
  • If the ride stops unexpectedly, only persons authorised personnel may intervene. Visitors are asked to remain calm and allow the technical team to intervene.
  • The use of selfie sticks is strictly forbidden on the rides.
  • As a safety measure, some attractions may be temporarily stopped (weather, technical intervention, etc.) without this giving rise to any compensation.
  • Morphology: Height restrictions are applicable. Similarly, the configuration of the ride seats and safety devices may prevent some visitors with specific morphologies from going on some of the rides. Visitors must be able to keep their upper body in the correct position in any ride vehicle.
  • Pregnant women and handicapped visitors are asked to read the risks, conditions, restrictions and access formalities on the sign posts next to the ride queues.
  • In case of bad weather (wind, rain, storm, etc.) or technical maintenance, some attractions may be temporarily closed. The closure of one or more rides will in no case give rise to a refund.


  • Terraces are reserved for restaurant clients only.
  • During the low season, some of the restaurants and snack bars may be closed.
  • The price list for food and drinks is clearly posted in each point of sale. Prices are set and non-negotiable.
  • Meals and drinks that are sold may not be returned or exchanged. Once a meal or a drink has been purchased, the customer waives any discussion on this point.
  • Picnics may be eaten only in areas reserved for this purpose.
  • Any person committing theft (or attempted theft) will be refused access to the park or removed from the park. This point may not be discussed. The management reserves the right to take legal action and assert its rights with regard to stolen merchandise.


  • During the low season, some of the shops and games of skill may be closed.
  • The prices of articles in the various shops and the prices of games of skill and extras are clearly posted. Prices are set and non-negotiable.
  • Any person committing theft (or attempted theft) will be refused access to the park or removed from the park. This point may not be discussed. The management reserves the right to take legal action and assert its rights with regard to stolen merchandise.


  • We sometimes take pictures and record videos to promote our park. If you do not wish to appear in photos or videos, please let us know in the post before 30 September of the current year.
  • In case of lost and found, please go to the park gates or fill out the online form


The management reserves the right to withdraw the Fraisp’pass (seasonal membership) of any member. It will be cancelled by right of law without official notice by Fraispertuis, in particular in case of:

  • Non-compliance by the member of his or her contractual obligations and the conditions of use of the membership card.
  • Non-compliance with the provisions of the park rules and regulations
  • Fraudulent information given to Fraispertuis
  • Falsification of justifying documents
  • Fraud or abusive use of the membership card
  • Payment not effective following an unpaid charge.
  • Behaviour

In all cases, cancellation will result in the deactivation of the FRAISP’PASS card without refund or compensation. Fraipertuis reserves the right to refuse any new membership to a member whose membership has been cancelled.

  • Do not leave bags or packages unmonitored. They will be removed by the park or by specialised services (lockers can be found at the park gates). All visitors can use the lockers but there is a fee to use them. However, unless expressly declared and identified at the time of storage, Fraispertuis City will not be liable in the event of damage and theft of any nature whatsoever that could affect objects, items or materials stored.
  • It is strictly prohibited to take equipment belonging to Fraispertuis City such as buggies, meal trays, plates, etc. out of the park.