Parc d'attractions dans les Vosges

Park regulations

General provisions

I. ​Article 1 – Scope of application

Welcome to Fraispertuis-City!
Our internal regulations are based on courtesy, safety, civility, respect for others and the environment.
Access to the park by a visitor as an individual or as a group implies complete and unreserved acceptance of these internal regulations and implies their application. Any non-compliance with these regulations may result in immediate exclusion from the park without compensation.

I. Article 2 – Implementation of the regulation
The implementation and application of the regulations is ensured by our authorized personnel. In the event of non-compliance, its mission is to remind visitors of the instructions, particularly when the observed breaches endanger the safety of property and people. In the event of non-cooperation and non-compliance with the regulations, Fraispertuis-City staff may expel the offender(s).
I. Article 3 – Prosecutions

If necessary, the Park Management reserves the right to take legal action against any offender.

Park access

II. Article 1 – Parking lots

The Fraispertuis-City car parks are free and unsupervised.

The management declines all liability in case of theft or damage. Please check that your doors, windows and boot are properly locked and do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Visitors must park their vehicle in the spaces provided for this purpose and respect the instructions of our staff on this subject.

PSH parking spaces are reserved only for holders of the parking inclusion mobility card, to be left clearly visible inside the vehicle, against the windshield.

The highway code rules apply on the car park too. It is prohibited to park in front of an emergency exit.

Leaving children and animals in vehicles is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, local authorities will be informed in order to free them. Vehicle owners park their car at their own risks.

Organising a barbecue on the park grounds and in the car parks is forbidden.

II. Article 2 – Admission

Access to the Park is prohibited for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

II. Article 3 – Access permit

Access to the Park is only via the two entrances gates provided for this purpose and is only authorized upon submission of a valid ticket (physical or digital ticket) (always keep your ticket with you as you may need to show it at any time).

We warn our visitors about purchasing tickets made outside our official ticket office as well as our partners. Fraispertuis-City cannot be liable for the condition of tickets (whether they’ve been used or not) purchased from a third party.

All our points of sale are equipped with counterfeit banknote detectors. In the case of a positive detection, it will be photographed accompanied by an identity document to block its use in the Park. In the event of refusal, we reserve the right to notify the authorities.

The Fraisp’Pass is a nominative seasonal subscription giving access to the Park every day, according to the current year’s calendar. In the event of non-compliance with the internal regulations of the park or the conditions of use of this pass, Fraispertuis-City reserves the right to terminate it without reimbursement or compensation for the member. It reserves the right to refuse any new subscription to a member whose subscription has been canceled.

II. Article 4 – Security check

Depending on the circumstances and in response to requests made by the public authority, Fraispertuis-City reserves the right to inspect visually or using specific equipment, your clothing, bags, coolers and personal effects upon entering the Park. In the event of refusal by the visitor, we reserve the right to prohibit access to the park.

Please note that it is prohibited to bring into the Park:

  • Illicit or dangerous substances, alcoholic beverages, dangerous objects (in particular all weapons of an offensive or defensive nature whatever their category) and any type of object likely to endanger the safety of visitors.
  • Objects likely to disturb the peace of visitors (vuvuzela, megaphone, horn). The volume of music players should not interfere with visitors.
  • Telescopic poles for cameras or mobile phones, used in particular for selfies.
  • Recreational objects such as drones or any other TV or radio-controlled toy.
  • Personal transportation devices such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards, self-balancing scooters, monowheels, roller skates, hoverboards or any other motorized or non-motorized vehicle.
II. Article 5 – Video protection

In accordance with French Decree No. 96-926 of October 17, 1996 relating to video surveillance, the Fraispertuis-City site is equipped with a video protection system. Its management is ensured by the Park, in accordance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force.

II. Article 6 – Children

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent aged 15 or over or a responsible adult to purchase their entry ticket and access the Park.

Children in groups are under the responsibility of their instructors. Instructors must comply with current legislation and monitor children activities at all times.

II. Article 7 – Animals

Access to the Park is authorized for second category dogs kept on a leash. They must remain in the custody of the owner. First category dogs are strictly prohibited. We remind you that access to attractions is strictly prohibited.

II. Article 8 – Temporary exit

If you wish to leave the Park to go to the parking lot and return later in the same day, check with an employee present before leaving that you have all the necessary items for your readmission (bracelet).


III. Article 1 – Lockers

Do not leave bags or packages unmonitored. They will be removed by the Park or by specialized services (lockers are available at the park entrances). These are paid lockers accessible to all visitors. Fraispertuis-City will not be liable in the event of damage and theft of any nature.

III. Article 2 – Personal assistance

The wheelchairs and scooters offered for rental (while stocks last) are reserved for people with disabilities or walking difficulties.

Proper behavior in the Park

IV. Article 1 – Behavior

Theft, public order disturbances, verbal or physical violence, insults, fraud, scams, drunkenness, affronts to public decency, maliciousness, non-compliance with the safety requirements and park rules and regulations, racism and discriminatory remarks will cause Fraispertuis-City to intervene and take the necessary measures. They may go so far as to notify the police, file a complaint or escort the visitor outside the Park without any compensation, reimbursement or other means of appeal.

We ask you to respect the cleanliness of the premises and the facilities provided for your pleasure and comfort. Do not damage the equipment, do not walk on lawns and do not swim in bodies of water.

It is prohibited to take equipment belonging to Fraispertuis-City outside the Park grounds, such as strollers, meal trays, dishes, etc.

Selling, distributing, begging for money is forbidden.

IV. Article 2 – Circulation

Within the Park, visitors are asked to only use public paths.

In this regard, visitors are asked to respect the access limitations:

  • Areas protected by a fence, barrier, chain, door or other protection indicating that it is a space not accessible to the public.
  • Backstage and service premises, even if these have been left open temporarily.
  • Access reserved for emergency services (firefighter, ambulance, police) which must remain accessible at all times.
  • On railway tracks outside marked level crossings.
IV. Article 3 – Dress code

Correct attire is required in all circumstances as well as the wearing of shoes. It is forbidden to be topless and in general to offend modesty and good morals by your clothing.

IV. Article 4 – Picnic

Picnics are permitted inside the Park, only in the area reserved for this purpose.

IV. Article 5 – Smoking areas

Outdoor spaces have been provided away from attractions, queues and terraces for our smoking visitors and are indicated on our plans. Outside of these dedicated areas, the Park is non-smoking. These provisions also apply to electronic cigarettes.


V. Article 1 – Waiting queue

Do not smoke, vape, eat or drink on the rides or in the queues.

Do not cut the queues (even to join other people).

It is requested that the queue be systematically redone between two rounds.

V. Article 2 – Conditions of access to attractions

Visitors undertake to read the safety instructions, rules for access and use of attractions and to respect them scrupulously. They are displayed at the entrance to each queue, and have been determined by the designers and builders of the attractions. They are checked each year by an independent inspection body (TÜV Nord) and implemented on a daily basis by our teams to ensure your safety. They cannot under any circumstances be circumvented or ignored.

For safety reasons, accessibility and participation in certain attractions requires good physical condition, good health, not suffering from hypertension, heart problems, back, neck or disability likely to be aggravated during the tour.

As a safety measure, some attractions may be temporarily stopped (bad weather, technical intervention, etc.). The closure of one or more attractions cannot give rise to any compensation.

The use of selfie sticks is strictly prohibited on the rides.

V. Article 3 – Morphologies

Height restrictions apply as indicated on the height charts at the entrance to each attraction. Likewise, the configuration of seats and safety devices on attractions may prevent visitors with specific morphologies from going on some of the rides. Visitors must be able to keep their upper body in the correct position in any ride vehicle.

V. Article 4 – Access for pregnant women and people with disabilities

Pregnant women and people with disabilities are asked to inform themselves about the risks, restrictions and conditions of access, by consulting the the sign posts at the entrance to our attractions or in the accessibility guide available on our site internet before their visit.

In general, it is specified that Fraispertuis-City attractions are strongly not recommended for anyone in poor health or with medical conditions likely to worsen due to the forces and movements caused.

V. Article 5 – Shutdown and evacuation

Wait until the rides come to a complete stop before getting off, and if necessary ask the operator for help.

If the ride stops unexpectedly, only persons authorised personnel may intervene. Visitors are asked to remain calm and allow the technical team to intervene.

In the event of force majeure, or for security reasons, at the request of the authorities, an evacuation of an attraction or the entire Park may be ordered.

V. Article 6 – Lost item

It is strongly recommended and prohibited in certain cases to take on board attractions certain personal effects likely to fall (mobile phones, cameras, keys, glasses, etc.). In the event of loss of an object on an attraction, it is important to notify our teams quickly. The recovery operation must be carried out only by our teams and requires the attraction to be stopped to operate in complete safety. On certain attractions, this operation can only be carried out at the end of the day.


VI. Article 1 – Restaurants and snack bars

The terraces are reserved for restaurant clients only. A picnic area is at your disposal.

Some restaurants and snack bars may be closed in low season or in cases of low attendance.

The various foods and drinks offered as well as their prices are clearly displayed at each point of sale. These prices will not be subject to any discussion or appeal.

Meals and/or drinks sold are neither returned nor exchanged.

Any person committing theft (or attempted theft) will be expelled from the park. This point may not be discussed. The management reserves the right to take legal action and assert its rights with regard to stolen merchandise.

Shops and skill games

VII. Article 1 – Shops and skill games

Some shops and skill games may be closed in low season or in cases of low attendance.

The prices of items offered in the different stores, the prices of skill games and extras are clearly displayed. These prices will not be subject to any discussion or appeal.

Any person committing theft (or attempted theft) will be expelled from the park. This point may not be discussed. The management reserves the right to take legal action and assert its rights with regard to stolen merchandise.

VIII. Miscellaneous

The management declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to visitors’ property (including objects entrusted to our staff). In the event of loss or recovery of an item, please contact the Park entrances or complete the online form.

A first aid station is permanently accessible. Please note that we are not authorized to administer medication or provide medical advice.

We sometimes take photos and record videos to promote our Park. If you do not wish to appear in photos or videos, please let us know in the post before 30 September of the current year.

These internal regulations remain subject to modifications which may be imposed on us in exceptional situations.