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Always here to help you !

The Fraispertuis-City teams are always at your disposal and are committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable day. Do not hesitate to contact them, they will guide you and provide you with information with pleasure Do not hesitate to send us your comments by leaving a note in our suggestion box located at the exit of the park.

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Free services

  • Parking

    Fraispertuis-City has several car parks. They are free and are not supervised. Do not leave valuables in plain sight, or animals in vehicles. The management declines all responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the vehicles.

    For disabled people, marked parking spaces are located near the park entrances. They are only authorized for people with a disabled parking badge who must leave this card behind the windshield in a legible manner.

  • Motorhomes

    We allow visitors who come aboard motorhomes to park in our car parks the day before they enter the park. You can park the vehicle where you want for the night, however you may be asked before the opening of the park in the morning to move the motorhome to a parking space reserved for this purpose, so as not to general arrival of other visitors.

    The closest service area is at Place de l’Eglise in Jeanménil, 3km from the park.

  • Lost child

    A lost child will be found more quickly thanks to the free bracelets available at the park entrances on which you can write your phone number. Do not hesitate to ask our reception staff. Meet him at the park entrances if he gets lost and the park staff will take care of him. A lost child is never left alone, the Fraispertuis-City team is committed to staying with him during the reunion.

  • Picnic area

    In Fraispertuis-City, you can bring your picnic. A large furnished, shaded and partly covered area is at your disposal. The other terraces are only reserved for consumers of restaurants and snacks in the park. You can leave your baskets in the lockers (paid) or come out of the park to access the car park at any time. The Cale des pirates snack bar is located nearby if you want to complete your picnic with cold drinks, fries or ice cream.

  • For babies

    All our sanitary facilities are equipped with a space for changing babies. Toilets suitable for children are located in the sanitary block near the Lucky Burger.

    All our restaurants are equipped with microwaves to heat baby bottles and baby food. High chairs are also available in the 4 restaurants in the park (while stocks last).

  • First aid post

    A first aid service is permanently accessible in the park. Please note that we are not authorized to administer medication or give medical advice.

  • Defibrillators

    Automatic defibrillators are available at the Ronde des Rondins station (in front of Timber Drop) and at the first aid station.

  • For pets
    Pets are allowed inside the park, kept on a leash. We would like to remind you that access to attractions is strictly prohibited for them. We invite you to ask at the entrance of the park for bags to collect your pet’s droppings. A doggie bar is available on the Saloon terrace opposite the Candy Corner.
  • Tourist Office

    Passing through the region and looking for new activities? Go to our tourist office where you can stock up on ideas for outings in the Vosges and neighboring departments.

  • Charging stations for phones

    You can safely charge your smartphone free of charge near the Tourist Office (subject to availability).

  • ATM machine

    A cash dispenser is available right next to the Arizona pizza counter.

  • Lost objects

    If you think you have forgotten or lost something in the park, fill out the form on our official website in the “contact” section. We will be sure to respond to your request.

Paid services

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles

    Do you have an electric car? Fraispertuis-City has 6 charging stations for type 2, 22kw electric vehicles. They must be reserved in advance and imperatively on our website. They are located in the visitor parking lot at the foot of Timber Drop.

  • Rental of wheelchairs / strollers

    Fraispertuis-City offers strollers or wheelchairs for hire (while stocks last) for the sum of €7 per day. (Deposit: an identity document).

  • PMR scooter rental

    Fraispertuis-City offers electric scooters for people with reduced mobility or the elderly, for hire (while stocks last) for the sum of € 20 per day. (Deposit: an identity document).

  • Lockers

    Each entrance is equipped with lockers allowing you to leave coolers, bags…. € 2 per locker for a single opening.

  • Dryer

    The battles on Pirate Attack are often wet, to be able to dry more quickly, you will find near the pirate shop the Sirocco; an automatic people dryer.