Arizona Pizza

Enjoy our freshly made pizzas cooked with in a wood-fire oven.

Here, all of the pizzas are home-made and cooked in a wood-fired oven. The hungriest guests can try the local specialty “tarte aux brimbelles” which translates to blueberry pie. We also suggest a gourmet café with a dessert or a waffle with whipped cream. All are served all day long.

As soon as the park opens, one can buy pastries, freshly ground coffee or hot chocolate to start the day with a good breakfast. For cold or rainy days, come warm up by the big fireplace.

Joe’s menu

Knack, ham, fries*

Choice of non-alcoholic drink



Pizza cuite au feu de bois

Arizona Menu

Vosges Pizza (fine dough, cream, white cheese, onions, bacon, emmental)

Plate of munster cheese /salad

Blueberry tart

Choice of drink


Wood-fired pizza
Wood-fired pizza
Wood-fired pizza
Wood-fired pizza
Enjoy your meal !
Enjoy your meal !
Welcome to Arizona Pizza !
Welcome to Arizona Pizza !
Wood-fired pizza

Children’s menu

Each restaurant offers a children’s menu (€ 8.30) consisting of a main course, a drink, a compote and a surprise.

Vegetarian menu

Each restaurant and snack bar offers at least one vegetarian dish.

Coffee break

Enjoy a sweetness accompanied by a good coffee beans. Served at any time in all of our snacks and restaurants.


Find the detailed list of allergens present in our menus at the counter of all our snacks and restaurants.

* In all our menus, fries can be replaced by green beans on request.

All our catering outlets are self-service. From 2:30 p.m., some dishes are no longer served.

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