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Do you know your date of visit? Buy your tickets online for the date of your choice * :

  • time saving at the park entrance
  • saving of 0.50 € per ticket
  • possibility to modify or refund the ticket

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(vouchers to activate)

Do you want to buy or offer tickets for an indefinite date (2021 or 2022 season)? Just fill out this order form *.
Please note: you will have to remember to activate the vouchers to obtain the definitive dated tickets, otherwise you will not be able to access the park.

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* Children under 1m do not need a ticket!



The vouchers (e-tickets) obtained from your CSE, a partner (Cora, E.Leclerc ..) or on this site must be activated in order to generate your definitive dated tickets, otherwise you will not be able to access the park.

Activate vouchers

  1. On the line corresponding to your voucher, select the date of visit and the quantity.
  2. Repeat the operation if you have vouchers from other categories, then validate.
  3. Identify yourself, or create an account.
  4. Enter the number of each voucher which always begins with the letter M and the numbers zero, zero, zero, zero (M0000), making sure that the code corresponds to its type of ticket.

    Please note that the letter “O” and / or the number zero may appear later in the code (check the thickness of the character). Validate the activation, without forgetting to accept the general conditions of use.
  5. Once the activation is complete, you will receive by email a link leading to your dated tickets, ready to be downloaded and / or printed !

Other tickets

  • 2020/2021 Tickets

    Do you have a ticket valid for the 2020/2021 seasons, the number of which begins with “ O0000 “? It is possible to use it without reservation on the day of your choice.

  • Expired tickets

    Have you kept an unused ticket from a previous season? This is still functional without reservation for the day of your choice by bringing a supplement of € 2 per missed season (eg: ticket 2019/2020 + € 2).

    Please note: Despite the expiry date indicated on C.G.O.S. tickets (26/09/2021), these remain valid for the 2022 season without monetary supplement.

  • Discounted tickets

    The sale of tickets at reduced prices requiring the presentation of supporting documents is only done on site at the park entrance ticket offices and without reservation :

    • People with disabilities
    • ZAP card
    • Youth Advantage Card
    • Transport ticket ( train / shuttle )
  • Tickets via holiday vouchers

    The purchase of tickets with ANCV holiday vouchers is done on site at the park entrance ticket offices and without reservation .

Useful information

2021 Prices

On site Online
Less than 1m
(measured with shoes)
Free Free
1m to 1,40m €21 €20,50
More than 1,40m €25 €24,50
From 60 years old €17,50 €17,00
Disabled person
( disability card from 80%)


Consult our group prices.

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Works councils

Consult our offers for works councils and associations.

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Payment methods

These different payment methods are accepted in the park. However, payment by contactless card is preferred in the various points of sale.

Blue card
Holiday vouchers
Cash in euros
Bank checks

Find your tickets

You can find your dated tickets (obtained by purchase or by activating a voucher) in the section:

My account > My orders

Modify your tickets

To change the date of your visit or request a refund:

Ticket modification

Have another question ?

The answer can probably be find below or on our FAQ :

  • Do tickets have to be printed ?

    If you come to the park with your tickets, you do not have to print them. You can also present them digitally on your smartphone so that they can be scanned at the entrance to the park.

  • I already have a valid ticket

    For people with tickets purchased before 2021 and still valid on the day of the visit, you do not need to book. They can be used for the date of your choice according to our opening calendar.

    Tip: Tickets whose number begins with “O0000” cannot be dated and can be used without a reservation during the 2021 season. If the number starts with “M0000”, you will need to activate your voucher before your visit.

  • I would like to purchase tickets requiring the presentation of proof

    For the purchase of tickets requiring the presentation of supporting documents (people in disability situation, expired tickets, combined price with the shuttle, etc.), it is necessary to proceed to the purchase at the ticket offices of the park.

  • I would like to pay by check or holiday vouchers

    It is possible to pay by checks or by ANCV holiday vouchers directly on site, at the entrance to the park. However, we leave the possibility of sending us by mail this completed order form, accompanied by the payment (in holiday vouchers and the supplement in bank check).

    Our teams will then send you your entrance tickets by mail or in digital version, depending on the option you have chosen. Please allow sufficient dispatch time before your visit.

    Holiday vouchers are also accepted at some of our ANCV approved resellers (FNAC, etc.).

    During your visit, you will be able to use holiday vouchers in all our snack bars and restaurants, as usual.

  • I have a ticket whose expiry date has passed

    If you have purchased tickets, valid until September 30, 2020, you can extend their validity at the entrance to the park for a supplement of € 2 per ticket and per season. However, these are only tickets purchased! In any case, the invitations / free entries may not be carried over to the coming season.

    So keep an eye on our calendar. Example: I purchased tickets valid until September 30, 2020 that I could not use. My tickets can be carried over to the 2021 season for an additional € 2 per ticket requiring a checkout.

  • I would like to buy a Fraisp’Pass

    The Fraisp’Pass are unfortunately not on sale this year.