What about persons in wheelchairs?

You have privileged access to the rides. Entry is by the exit gate and the help of an accompanying person is necessary to embark. Please note, however, that the access to certain rides may be more or less simple. 

What if I lose an item of clothing or an object?

All lost property is to be declared at reception. Objects found in the Park are also brought to reception and kept until they are reclaimed by their owner. Identified objects remain at disposal in the office. 

What if my child gets lost?

Lost children are immediately accompanied to the reception at the Park entrance where they are taken in charge. A word of advice to parents: remember to leave your child your name and number to avoid any unnecessary scares. Lost children bracelets on which you can note your phone number are given free of charge at the Park entrances. There is a meeting point, don’t hesitate to show it to your children when you arrive in the Park, then you can just tell them to meet there if anyone gets lost! 

Are CAF Family Benefits vouchers accepted?

Fraispertuis City is not a non-profit association and is therefore not authorized to accept these vouchers. 

Is there a medical facility in the Park?

Visitors can get fast, efficient first aid treatment at the first aid facility. Staff with a first aid diploma will treat bumps and grazes, but are not authorized to give medication or a medical opinion.

Is there a special price for pregnant women?

No, there is no special price. For your security, expectant mothers are strongly recommended not to go on certain rides. To avoid being refused, we strongly advise you to check with the ride operator and to read the pictograms at the entry to the rides. 

Can I find lockers?

Lockers are available for you to leave your personal effects (coolers, bags, helmets etc…) Locker fee: €2 per opening.

Do I have to pay for parking?

At Fraispertuis City, the car parks are free but unsupervised! The Park disclaims all responsibility concerning vehicles parked on its car parks (theft, damage etc….)

Can we picnic inside the Park?

Picnics are accepted in the Park and a special area is set aside for this near Park entrance n° 2. We do, however, ask you not to use the restaurant terraces, which are reserved for restaurant clients.  

Can I rent a pushchair or wheelchair?

Of course! All you need to rent a pushchair or wheelchair is some identification as a deposit and €6 for the day. 

Can I buy my tickets in advance?

We strongly advise you to do so on busy days.  You can either buy them on our website and print them out or buy them at a hypermarket through Ticket or France Billet. Please note that some workers’ committees offer special prices for tickets.  As stipulated on the back of tickets they cannot be either exchangeable or resold and every violator run the risk of judicial proceedings resold. Fraispertuis City is in no case responsable for the confition of the tickets (valid or not) bought by the way of a third party. 

Can I go out of the Park during the day?

Yes, you can leave the Park at any time, you must just ask for a stamp. Please note, however, that one hour before official closing time, all exits are definitive.

Are dogs allowed in the Park grounds?

Dogs are allowed in the Park grounds but must be kept on a leash. Owners are requested to pick up their dogs’ excrement using the « clinette » clean up bags at your disposal at the Park entrances. We also ask you not to leave your dog in your vehicle, even with the windows open. 

Can I pay by holiday voucher in Fraispertuis City?

Holiday vouchers in Euros are accepted at all Park outlets. PLEASE NOTE that luncheon vouchers are not accepted in the Park. 

Can I take out cash in the Park?

Yes, an ATM is at your disposal near Arizona Pizza. 

What about baby facilities?

All our restaurants are at the disposal of mothers to enable them to feed and change their babies (microwave ovens available). Children often get tired of walking….That’s why we offer pushchairs at the two Park entrances (rental €6 + identification). So big brothers and sisters can go on having fun while the little ones get to rest in the pushchair. 

I want to organize my stag night or hen party, can I do that?

Yes, you can. However, in order for your day to go as well as possible, we inform you that disguises are accepted, but must remain within respectable limits. No hawking or begging from visitors is allowed. People who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be asked to leave the Park.

Are there disabled parking spaces?

There are disabled spaces near each Park entrance. To benefit from them, you just place your blue disabled parking badge visibly behind the front windscreen.