Parc d'attractions dans les Vosges

Visiting tips

  • 1. Rain and shine

    Sunny days are more pleasant, and after a few days of rain, park attendance is even higher. To take advantage of the park to the fullest, don’t be afraid of a few clouds !

  • 2. No time to lose at the entrance gates

    To avoid waiting time at the park tills, buy your tickets online. You can then present your smartphone or the printed version of your ticket directly at the park entrance.

    In addition to the traditional tills, each entrance is equipped with automatic tills.

  • 3. Avoid losing anyone

    A lost child will be found sooner thanks to the free wrist bands available at the park gates on which you can write your phone number. Feel free to ask the welcome staff.

  • 4. Height to access the attractions

    For everyone’s safety, each attraction has clearly indicated access restrictions at the entrance of each queue. To simplify matters, use our interactive map to filter rides by height or take a look at the map posted in the park.

  • 5. “Baby Switch”

    We have introduced the “Baby Switch” concept so that parents with babies can still enjoy the park rides. Once the first parent’s ride is over, he or she informs the operator, who will allow the second parent to access the ride via the exit path, without having to queue.

  • 6. Single rider

    On the Timber Drop and on the Flum, we have set up queues for single riders. By using them, you help us optimise the places available in the rides and this generally allows you to access the ride more quickly. This service is currently suspended, as it is not compatible with the current social distancing rules.

  • 7. No panic in the saloon

    Avoid the noon rush, our restaurants are open from 11 am ! For late diners, enjoy the rides, things generally calm back down again around 1:30 pm.

  • 8. Shopping time

    Visitors generally rush to the shops about half an hour before the rides stop. Anticipate to have more time to admire and choose a souvenir !

    The shops can keep your shopping for you so you do not have to carry them around for the rest of the day.

  • 9. Pay with park money

    Euroluke is used at all of the park shops and eateries. Like a gift card, you choose the amount and the people using it become more independent. This system is generally used by work councils, camps or groups as it offers more flexibility and choice, but it can be used by everyone. Eurolukes are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.

  • 10. Would you like to come back during the year ?

    Did you enjoy your day and plan to come back? We suggest you transform your day ticket into a Fraisp’Pass by paying only the difference. Find out more at the park gates on the day of your visit. The Fraisp’Pass are exceptionally not offered for sale in 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

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