La Souche

For lumberjack appetites!

In the shade of “la Souche”, you’ll find our delicious sandwiches with country ham or barbecue grilled meat to satisfy small and big appetites. Don’t miss the local speciality: The “twister potatoes” is prepared right before your eyes, it’s the perfect mix between chips and crisps! In the afternoon, stop here to have a drink or enjoy some churros.

Take advantage of a shady terrace with a stunning view of the Timber Drop!

Be warned, this snack shack along with other restaurants may be closed during the low season or too few people are visiting the park.


Lumberjack sandwich

White sausage with wild garlic

€ 7,20

Souche menu

Peasant bacon sandwich

1 Twister potatoes

Choice of non-alcoholic drink

€ 10,40

Terrace with stunning views of Timber Drop and Golden Driller
Terrace with stunning views of Timber Drop and Golden Driller
For small hunger pangs and big appetites!
For small hunger pangs and big appetites!
The amazing Twister Potatoes
The amazing Twister Potatoes

Coffee break

Enjoy a sweetness accompanied by a good coffee beans. Served at any time in all of our snacks.

Vegetarian menu

Each restaurant and snack bar offers at least one vegetarian dish.

Reusable glass

Buy your drink with the glass of the park. You can have it filled out at an advantageous rate in all of our restaurants. **


Find the detailed list of allergens present in our menus at the counter of all our snacks and restaurants.

** Valid for all non-alcoholic drinks served in a fountain in our 4 restaurants, as well as beers served in our 4 restaurants and 5 snacks. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

All our catering outlets are self-service. From 2:30 p.m., some dishes are no longer served.

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