Theme park rules and regulations

Access to the park by both individual visitors and groups implies full and unconditional acceptance of the park's rules and regulations and their application. ANY FAILURE TO RESPECT THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS MAY LEAD TO EXCLUSION FROM THE PARK WITHOUT COMPENSATION. The rules and regulations are based on coutesy, safety, civility and respect for others and the environment.

  1. Children under 18 are under the entire responsibility of their parents or supervisor. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Children in groups are under the responsibility of the group leaders who must comply with current legislation (adult/child quotas,diplmas and qualifications) and carry out constant supervision of the children.
  3. No smoking or vaping allowed in the facilities or areas where a no smoking/vaping sign is posted. The same applies while queuing, in all restaurants and shops, inside areas, toilets or terraces.
  4. Any behavious that may disturb the other visitors or prevent the smooth operation of the theme park will be penalised.
  5. The safety instructions imposed by the control body TÜV posted on the measuring stick at the entrance of each attraction must be respected.
  6. The use of selfie sticks is strictly forbidden in the attractions.
  7. In the case of bad weather (wnd, rain, storms, etc.) or technical maintenance, certain attractions may be (temporarily) closed. The closure of one or several attractions will in no case lead to reimbursement.
  8. The terraces are reserved for the use of restaurant clientele only.
  9. In the low season, certain stands may be closed.
  10. Any person guilty of theft (or attempted theft) will be refused entry to the park, or will be expelled without discussion. The management reserves the right to file a complaint and to exercise their rights over the stolen marchandise.
  11. We sometimes take photos and produce videos to promote our theme park. If you do not want to feature in these, please let us know by mail before september 30 of the current year.
  12. Do not leave any bags or parcels unattended. They will be removed by the park staff or the specialised services (lockers are available at the park entrances).
  13. It is forbidden to leave children and/or animals in vehicles. In the case of violation, the relevant services will be informed for the purpose of freeing them. Vehicules are arked at owner's risk.