Smartphone App

Fraispertuis City in your pocket!

This app, available in English, is a smart tool to locate you in the park and organize your visit.
Download easily this free app !
Download the application of Fraispertuis City Park !
Located in the heart of the Vosges mountains, your 100% farwest park is linked to your smartphone thanks to a regular updating of the attractions and thanks to the geolocation.
Prepare with family or friends your visit to the park by locating your favorite attractions, classified by style (thrll rides, family rides, children rides, extras).
Quickly locate catering points, snacks and shops to optimize your journey when you are there.
Each attraction provides many indications, a small descriptive, authorized sizes, a small video of presentation, nearby attractions, etc.
A pointer locates you in the park to help you find yourself among more than 35 attractions !!!
From your home, the app tells you the suggested roads to come to Fraispertuis City.
  • Many filters: Sort attractions by sizes, types, keywords, favorites
  • Schedule : You will find every year, the days and opening hours.
  • FAQ : Read the Frequently Asked Questions that will answer your questions.
  • Billy's advices: Follow the advice of Billy, our mascot, to optimize your time.
  • Park weather: Find the local weather every day.
  • Park Regulations: All practical and safety instructions, to make your day an unforgettable one.


This application has been thought to be operational even without internet network when you are on the park.
So do not hesitate to download it quietly at home to be able to enjoy it fully when you come.