A little history…

1966 :

This is the year Fraispertuis comes to life in the imagination of Michel and Simone Fleurent, from Meurthe-et-Moselle. The couple set up a small business on the attractive site of la Colline des Eaux, just a little way from the Vosges village of Fraispertuis. Their little inn, the Auberge de la Roche des Fées attracts people who like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town and enjoy a good meal in the quiet, natural surroundings of the Vosges forest.

1968 :

Our ambitious couple comes up with an original idea – to open trout fishing ponds and offer young and old, expert fishermen or beginners alike the possibility to fish for their own dinner ! Their catch is prepared and cooked right there and served up to the proud anglers – a tasty day’s work !

1971 :

Legend has it that Michel Fleurent, who was a fan of Westerns, was inspired by the red rocks lining the road to Fraispertuis, to draw on a "Far West" theme and exploit his dream of building an attraction park. Is this myth or reality? Whatever the case, in 1971 the Far West Train made its first appearance on the site. Built around and powered by a tractor engine, the train drove along a wide-ranging track. The engine was replaced several times and the train lovingly maintained over the years. This original ride still operates today, offering visitors an original way to tour the park.

1973 :

The park puts up playground games especially for children. These are followed by the famous Apache Fort and much to the children’s delight, the arrival of ponies for them to have rides in the surrounding countryside.

1978 :

This is an important date in the Park’s history. The Gold Mine is unveiled to the public – an astonishing structure inspired by the great American canyons, which will impress generations of visitors. An escape from the everyday, aboard wagons roaming through an extraordinary decor of galleries. Up above, visitors pan for gold in the open air mine, searching for the elusive nuggets, sifter in hand. The public, not yet used to what would later become sound and light performances, are quickly seduced by the simple but effective special effects.

1987 :

The park gives pride of place to the thrill ride and installs the TGV, or high speed train, its first roller coaster, which will later be renamed « The Express »

Up until now, the rides have been charged for, whereas the admission to the park is free.

1988 :

The park becomes a true « theme park » and at the same time inaugurates the principle of charging an admission fee with unlimited access to the different ”rides”. The original trout ponds, which constituted the initial attraction of the park, disappear and give way to the famous Louisianes.

1991-1997 :

During these years, Fraispertuis City turns towards more refreshing sensations and, in 1991, opens the Flum with its 11m-high rapids, followed by the water maze (later replaced by Geyser City) in 1993, offering water-inspired fun and games to young and old alike. As of 1995, new rides become a regular occurrence, at the rate of almost one a year: the Ferris Wheel in 1995, the Pirates’ Ship in 1996, the Mexican village in 1997.

1999 :

Our park is not spared by the great storm of December! Even if no ride is actually destroyed, some are seriously damaged. The Cyclone disappears, along with the Gold Mine (which is later transformed and re-opened in 2006). They make way for a big novelty: the Grand Canyon. The overall layout of the park is also radically changed and certain rides are moved.

2004 :

Despite the harsh winter, which hold back the promised re-opening of the Gold Mine, Fraispertuis City is honoured to receive the best French family theme park award !

2005 :

The only one of its kind in France, the Cavalerie ride makes a much noticed debut in Fraispertuis City, in the same year that certain other transformations take place, especially the tarmacking of the paths and the installation of a second entrance to improve conditions for visitors waiting for admission.

2006 :

The Gold Mine finally gets underway again, while the Desperados Cinema, the only one of its kind in France at the time, makes a triumphant entry into the Park. Unfortunately what is already a very poor season culminates in a flood which causes considerable damage.

2007-2008 :

The Park isn’t going to let things slide, for all that – the management rolls up its sleeves and expands on the family aspect, putting in the Bison rusés ride and thematic dodgems for the younger visitors as well as the Chevauchée (a magnificent carrousel) for all the family. Specially designed for the bravest visitors, the Cactus makes a proud appearance in 2008, with its 19 metre-high quirky decor.

2009 :

The Park is expanded with a new theme area. This is the biggest investment the Park has made so far: over €1.7 for Pirates’ Creek with its grandiose decor.  The visitors are eager to board the radio-guided boats, armed with water cannons for the main attraction – Pirates Attack, to get a second chance on the skills game, or to discover a wealth of souvenirs in the Treasure shop !

2010 :

No new rides this year, but lots of changes: the Far West train, Express 1966 is afforded a brand new steam engine and sound equipped carriages; pirates arrive in strength at the Cinema – up till now the haunt of the Desperados; the water battle is extended to the queue at Pirates Attack; Cap’tain Fraisp, our larger than life audio-animatronic, makes his entrance to tell the story of his life as a pirate….

2011 :

This is the year the Park will inaugurate its most ambitious project to date: the opening of the monumental roller coaster, Timber Dropworld record holder of the steepest drop – cost of the investment €4 million! The teenagers are over the moon while the younger children can take things a little more quietly with the gentler Ferme Tornade Farm. In 2011 practical innovations also see the light of day, with a protected access road, a new sanitation block with baby-changing facilities, a self-service to immortalize the moments you don’t want to forget, a Sirocco to enable visitors to dry off after Pirates Attack….

2012 :

Overtaken by Japan, the roller coaster Timber Drop loses its world record but is still European Record Holder.

2013 - 2015 :

Entry into the 3rd dimension with the 3D version of Cinema Desperados. Children are charmed by the Diligence and Los Ranitas

A world of sensations awaits you at the Rivière Castor and the Ronde des Rondins ride. Big thrills for young visitors!

Heave Ho! Pirates' Creek has been expanded for the enjoyment of yet more new sea dogs! Come and get wet in our Cap'tain Fraisp' zone and discover our two new attractions: Santy Anno and Hissez Haut! Rum ... oops, I mean, FUN for all the family!

2016 :

For it's 50 years, the park adds a new family attraction : les Taureaux Sauvages. A new shopping alley is emerging with a stage ; the Billy's Show, where the public can discover new animations. To complete these new features a mobile application allows you to keep the park in your pocket.

2017 :

The year of all the sensations because Fraispertuis City decided to answer the request of the bravest of you with the opening of Golden Driller; a monumental 216 ft. drop tower with 4 different pods that allow to experience seated falls, with or without tilt, a floorless position and a standing position on a plateform. This last one allows you to experience the highest fall standing on his feet in the world!

2018 :

A new adventure awaits the visitors of the park. Mission Fraispertuis City wich will allow you to live during your next visit to the park, through your smartphone an interactive treasure hunt. Billy and his friends need your help to complete 6 missions. Will you be able to do it ?

2019 :

The pirates are back with l'île aux pieuvres in the Pirates' Cove and the arrival of Jack.

2020 :

Three new attractions are added to the park. Corb'hauts for the whole family, as well as P'ti Moussaillon and Post Office for children.